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Default Earth and Beyond Emulator

Been playing this for a few weeks now. It's online, free to play, has 50-150 people online at a time which makes the universe not soooo lonely, but not camped out like EA production was. The dev's have enhanced the quest/mission systems, raids, and a whole lot of things from yesteryear. The game universe is stable, updated regularly, and friendly. The website is amazing, you can create extra game accounts there, transfer characters, items from char to char, really nice interface.

Regardless, It's an old classic many of us used to play so here it is once more! I always loved finding a nice gas/crystal field and mine while enjoying all the atmosphere the game universe had to offer. Been doing that alot. :-)

Isli, Evelynne, and Synat my old JE are my characters there atm. I saw one of you guys this weekend, was great to chat avatar to avatar again!

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