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Default Clash of Clans

Does anyone play Clash?

Just curious as I have been playing for a while this year. Not exactly my kind of game ... but a friend dragged me into it and is insistent that I play. I like certain aspects of the game actually (short battles that are convenient for a mobile person like me that can't sit down to game for 2-3 hours, strategy in your attack and defense plans), but it has a lot of the same old problems that have irked me about other online games:

1. It's a level treadmill ... again. Constantly just trying to farm to get your level 4 wizards to level 5 ...

2. Another game where how much time you play determines your fate. This is becoming a challenge for the clan that I am in. People have different play rates, and the net result is that the hardcore players continue to pull further away from the casual players in terms of level, and this becomes more and more of a challenge to keep your clan together for the clan wars. We just had someone resign today because he was starting to miss the "war cut" as his casual gaming level won out. In the end, it seems like the only way it really works is that if the entire clan (30 people-40 people?) all play about the exact same number of hours per week, which is very unrealistic.

3. Pressure to in game spend to level up. I admit it, I've dropped a 20-spot here and there in order to get gems that would allow me to "catch up" to teammates who are gaming more. Sucks ... kudos to Supercell for being genius at knowing the right rates and ways to get me to "buy in". In all of the games I have played before (like LOTRO), I was never compelled to spend money to power up. This was a first for me. Damn them!
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