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Default Contact info

I want to reconnect with everyone here. I will eventually get a presence on various social media. In the meantime, my preferred way of communicating is via email, because, you know, I like to write books and pretend they're emails. PMs on this site will work too. If you have a facebook or other social media address for me, assume it won't work for now. Everything's probably going to change.

The best email for now is atomic.robot.tiki.band@gmail.com

If you want a phone number or physical address, let me know.

My living circumstance don't suck. I live in a 37' motorhome now. It's a Forest River Georetown 378 if you're curious. My goal during my marriage was to get us into a motorhome full time, travel some now, and eventually retire and go on the road full time. We got to the point where my wife retired and we moved into a small motorhome last August, then upgraded to the current one in January of this year. We made it another year before the marriage had to come to an end. That part is sad but the upshot isn't: I'm a 55 year old single musician with a government job and pension living full time in a motorhome.

Let that sink in for a moment...
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