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Wow, what an update... hehe, I don't think any of us would attempt to argue that your life hasn't been interesting! Really glad to hear about all the good, sad to hear about the not-so-good... but that's life, eh? It's always ever been a balance of both, just gotta keep moving forward and hoping we end up with more on the good side.

Haven't dreampt about UO in a long time, but I consciously think about it fairly often! Getting closer to finally getting those 3 pieces of art I had painted into frames and up on my wall... I'll post a pic of it here when all is said and done. Ooh, and speaking of which... that same artist recently painted a portrait of my character Yril from WoW, with her Ghost Saber protector Auryth and mechanical squirrel Chitters. CLICKY CLICKY

Being a homeowner is treating me fairly well, I'm glad to say! The projects are non-stop, and there've been a few stumbling blocks along the way (how does a brand new sump pump burn itself out after only a year? let me tell you! ), but I don't have any regrets yet, and am pretty happy. Granted, I'd be happier if I could find that elusive "significant other", but it's incredibly nice being in a position to regularly host parties and gatherings for friends who might not otherwise be able to see each other for months or years... and if any of them are going through a rough patch, which is bound to happen from time to time, it's very satisfying for me to be able to provide them with something to look forward to and enjoy.

Still playing WoW a few nights a week... dabbling in FFXIV... doing well in Facebook game Mutants: Genetic Gladiators... occasionally squeeze in some co-op games of Civ 4 (Planetfall) and Tiberian Sun with Slayne... still looking forward to Star Citizen... sort-of looking forward to Shroud of the Avatar... hoping to find time to play all the games I've enjoyed backing on Kickstarter... just gotta win that Lotto so I can finally afford the time to play them all!! Is it time to retire yet? That's when the fun stuff really begins, I know.
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