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Originally Posted by Raina View Post
Yea I played it for a while, noticed the same thing somewhere around TownHall Level 8. My friends kept playing couple times a day and I just... lost interest in it. It also gets to a point where 'casual' doesn't really cut it anymore. With being attacked you can't "Save" Up enough gold or goo to advance anything, so it becomes play constantly or spend money to even move forward... So I just kinda stopped playing more or less, was easier that way

Yes, I am a higher level TH8 now, and feeling pressure to hurry up and get to TH9 (the right way, which means upgrading EVERYTHING at TH8 you can first). Our clan is about 30% TH8, 40% TH9 and 30% TH8, but I still feel like I am lagging behind. Another issue with CoC? Since unlike MMORPG, no one ever "starts a new character", when you started is paramount. All of the TH10 people started a year before I did. No mathematical way to ever catch up.

What concerns me though is that it took me a good month to just upgrade my walls one level, at a rate where one good raid would get you one (of 125?) wall pieces. What I can't comprehend is how the TH10 guys are upgrading their walls (200 pieces?), since TH10 raiders aren't making much more loot than I am in raids, and the walls are exponentially more expensive. Do they raid 10 times to upgrade 1 wall piece?

I'm probably on the verge of retirement myself
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