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Kvasir Silverwyn
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I am still playing from time to time when I have the time as well. If you need in the Kinship, let me know when to show up and I can get you all in. I do not have a kinship house, and I may not be playing enough to get one anyway.

The character name I usually use is "Kalstad".

Happy hunting!

Originally Posted by Kyrian View Post
So we are actually still playing. My girls both created female elf champions (with my guidance, because I did not want it to be complex for them in their first go-round): Airibel and Filaira. One of them is around level 12/13, the other is 10/11.

To play with them, I created a 4th account and created a new character, an old gray-bearded Loremaster named Hejfund (Kind of a play on words there since that is where I work :P). I figured if I adventured with them it would be the obvious choice, the older mage to assist the fighters.

Unfortunately we have 2 computers in the house, so I have not yet been able to play with them (since they are usually playing together, and it would be tough to make one of them sit out while Daddy plays with the other one). I am tempted to throw together a 3rd machine and put it in my daughter's room for the sole intention of all 3 of us playing together, but my wife might kill me

Anyhow, if any of you are on Landroval and bump into one of us, say Hello

Also, if my girls ignore you, they are still slow with the typing and on the uptake with the game's GUI, and also, Dad warns them not to talk to strangers. Obviously none of you are strangers but they wouldn't know that initially

They both love to explore the lands. They are just like their dad ... not big fans of level grinding or finding legendary drops and all that, they just like to explore the world and go on adventures. So they are often in over their heads (also like dad) wandering areas they shouldn't be
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