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Default No Man's Sky

Anyone playing?

I knew the game would in some ways be a let down (can anything ever be as good as the hype?), but I still pre-ordered it and started playing yesterday.

I am enjoying playing with my youngest (she is 9, loves science and space), and we are exploring a universe with 18 quadrillion planets. Spending one second on each planet, if we could, would still take us billions of lifetimes to explore it all.

We've named three planets so far:

1. Cumulus Indigo 001

Our first planet, where we began (crashed). Waves of purple flora waved in the wind, like puffy indigo clouds. Mostly friendly creatures we came across here, but there were some pockets of territorial animals.

2. Magma Hostile 002

A harsher planet, with radiation that slowly damaged our suit. We also found that entering the water on this planet was extremely radiated. Many harsh predatorial animals here, we didn't stay too long.

3. Warmwater 003

A nice planet, with air we could move around in easily. The temperature outside was about 5c, but in the water it was 21c.

We've named some creatures (like the Butterdeer, which is a large deerlike creature with an insect/butterfly like head and face). We fed it some food and it was friendly. We've also been hunted and killed by a creature that continues to stalk it's prey. We got it back though when we resurrected. We stood on top of our damaged spacecraft and lured it in, then blasted it (before the robotic sentries could see us harming animal life).

Anyhow, if you happen to ever hit the .000000000000001% chance of landing in our star system, I hope you enjoy the scenery
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Robin of Spiritwood
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Sounds really terrific, Kyr!
Exploration is something I haven't done a lot of in Elite, but they are adding some new stellar objects in the next patch, and I now have a supercharged explorer ship to go check them out:

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I have for a time, although recently I've put it back on the shelf and headed back to Fallout 4.

It was fun for quite some time, until I got to the point there My Exosuit and Ship were maxed on slots then.. there seemed very little to do.

I found a planet with caves full of Cubes that were worth a lot, so money was never an issue.

I will say I lost the 'exploration' feeling pretty quick since every planet seems to have the Sentinels and umpteen million Bases/Aliens already on them.

But it was very pretty, and still good fun. Hopefully they'll add some more 'things' like goals or somesuch.

It seems like such a really good 'base' for a game, if something like Mass Effect were layed over the top of it it could be brilliant.

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It does sound like something up my alley, but I'm not going to be spending full price on something that may only keep my attention for a short time. So I'll just wait for a stream sale.

I still have my hopes on Star Citizen. I'm an early backer. It's far from a playable game, but I've enjoyed my time flying the various ships and submitting bug reports. There us a lot of confusion and controversey in the media around it, and sometimes a bit daunting to get involved.
If you have any questions feel free to look me up. I'll talk your ear off.

I really enjoy sandbox games. I've been playing Space Engineers, Starmade, and Starbound. I've really been getting into Space (I think I made a pun there) these last few years.
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