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Default Isli and Olem, back for a bit :-)

The boy and me resubscribed to DAOC for a few months to mess around. Olem wants speed 5 and maybe lvl 50, Eve and Isli want more champ exp and plats to buy new glowy piercers and dragon armor upgrades. Looks to be win/win for us both!

Stepping back into DAOC, I had to let go of all the "how things used to be" thoughts and just focus on playing in the now. Not too worried about rvr but Eve has has some good fun in Darkness Falls already. Respeced a few things, having fun with viper III, yadda yadda yadda.

Still messing around on UO a bit too, that acutally got me back to daoc. I made Evelynne as a UO character and got her into a rogue guild there in the RP community. I wanted to look over Eve in DAOC for any extra details I maybe missed and now I guess I'm paying for both games again! hehe

Anyway, just a daoc update here. Will try to update other happenings on the proper channels soon.

Strange how I build a high performance system and find myself playing games that are 5-10 years old still! hahaha I was playing command HQ last week on it, that's a DOS game back from 1990! lol
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