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not sure where my best place to ask this would be so figured this thread would work since its about my pc build anyways.

so far what i have is an e 8400 processor, 8 gigs ddr2 1066, gigabyte p45 motherboard, corsair 620hx power supply, antec 900 case and the new gtx 280 graphics card.

Things im debating is the new veloci raptor drive, if its worth it really since there 300 gigs for about 300 dollars.

my other big debate is what lcd monitor to get, thinking a 22 inch or 24 inch, and was noticing that the dell ultrasharp 2408wfp had some great reviews. First question is does the higher resolution hurt performance that much? if the higher res of the 24 inch did id probly go with a 22 inch then.

Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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