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personaly not likeing everything im hearing honestly. Though im sure ill try it out and hoping it turns out really well. i love the idea of old fronteirs coming back. I never liked new fronteirs at all. Personaly if there going to do it they should bring it back as it was. My opinion is implement original daoc si and housing.

The idea of them adding the valkerie class to midguard seems absolutly insane to me, its already a very over powered class and they want to give the realm with the best mele an improvement to that area. makes no sense to me...

Then there debating removing the theurgist class of alb an orginal class to the game. As much as theurgist can be a pain fighting against them there actualy a great class. im shocked there talking about taking it out.

As far as the archery system im not surprised they wont go back to the old system but i know i despise the new system and you wont see me playing an archer again hehe.

Either way ill defintly be there trying it out when it releases
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