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Originally Posted by Slayne View Post
1. Yes, EGA makes a very good card and that's a great one. It's the G92 9800-GTX core, less money.
2. I would say definitely if it was in SLI but yeah, maybe. I run medium settings 1280/1024 with my 2GB E6700 and single 8800-GTS with 320mb.
3. Hard to say. The only cards with noticiably better perf are going to cost a lot $200+ more money. Anything but the Crysis game on high quality should be great.
4. None for near that money. The new 9800-GTX w 512mb is worth consideration but it's same specs make it "a little" more expensive for same performance, though it does use quite a bit less power. Last week the G92 core 9800-GTX's were a little lower in price and the G92 core 8800-GTX's were a bit higher price, making them closer together and the 9800-GTX particularly attractive. Just fyi, the extreme gamer rig at the moment is 2 EVGA 8800-GTX's w 768 which they say outperforms 2 of the new top end 9800-GX2's w 1GB (because of the mem interf.)

Don't forget to consider power supply needs. Anyone with an older system, upgrading, should check their power supply stuff out. I think these people have a free calculator http://www.extreme.outervision.com/
Thanks for all the good advice guys!

I happened to be browsing the AoC forums and someone asked about this exact same card. In one of the replies was a link to this: http://fxvideocards.com/ZOTAC-ZT-88X...d-p-16277.html

I figured since it's the same price, I might as well get it. I've never heard of Zotac before, but I saw plenty of people who said it was a good card. I went ahead and ordered it, I hope I didn't make a mistake.

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