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Default AoC tips and tricks

Tips and tricks:

Open a new chat window by clicking on the "*" tab to create a new one, then dragging the tab somewhere else. (If you can't move it, right click on the tab to see if it's locked)
I like to make a combat window up top, and a window at the bottom for just say, group and guild. You subscribe to channels by right clicking on the tab and going to subscribe channels and check/uncheck the channels you want for each window.

Here are some tips for macroing I copied from somewhere:

To do a descriptive emote the only way you can do it is by using *Insert emotive text*, /me does not work unfortunately.

There are lots of other options though!

You can type '/emote' then press TAB twice which will list them all for you.
You can use a macro, for example if you want a macro that makes you bow you would type,

'/Macro BOW /emote bow' that will create a macro and place it in your macro window (you just double click it in your macro window then and it will perform it)
(Format: /macro YOUR-MACRO-NAME <action>)

OR: If you want to go flat out and have a script to do a performance or multiple emotes and speech...)

<snip> <paste from guildsite>
You can make scripts very easily in notepad.

All you do is type your text in notepad as you would ingame, save it then delete the .txt off the filename. pop it into the scripts folder inside your AoC Directory.

Then you just type in the script file name ingame and viola.

Heres a very basic one:

/v Hello World!
-Copy and paste the quoted text into notepad.
-Save that as s-hello.txt
-Delete .txt off the end
-Put it in the scripts folder inside your AoC Directory
-When ingame type /s-hello (or whatever file name you have chosen) and it will say 'Hello World' in vicinity chat followed by your character bowing.

You can also add colors to your text

/v <font color="#FF0000">Hello World!</font>
That would make 'Hello World' bright red in the chat.
Below is a list of the different colours you can use and their respective codes.
Color Codes

There are also variables you can add, let's say you're a guardian and you want to make a pulling script for your group so they know what kind of monster is incoming:

/g Get ready everyone I have a %t on my arse!!
With color...

/g Get ready everyone I have a <font color="#FF0000">%t</font> on my arse!!
The Variable %t is what you currently have targetted

Another useful one is the %1 variable, this is special, when you type in your script filename ingame whatever you type afterwards will be what %1 is.

Example - An ingame eating script.

/v *eats a %1 and its yummy!*
You save the script file name as 'eata' or good practice is to put a s- infront so you dont fire off scripts by accident, pop it into your script folder in AoC directory (minus the .txt at the end) then type ingame:

/s-eata Banana
/s-eata Cake
or whatever you like, the %1 will always be the first word after the script name.

You can also use %2 %3 %4 etc etc using the example above we can use this script:

/v *eats a %1 %2 and its yummy!*
If you then type ingame:
/s-eata Red Apple

You would see in the chat:
Yourchar *eat a Red Apple and its yummy!*

/v = vicinity
/g = group channel
/gu = guild channel
/s = shout
/w 'Players name' (use capitalization in player names else it doesnt work) = whisper
/t = tell
/r = reply
/em = emote
/emote = emote

%t = Your current target
%m = Your current character name
%1 = First word after script file name.
%2 = Second word after scripft file name.
%3 = third word and so on.

<font color="#THECODE"> 'your text' </font>

/cc addbuddy = add to friends list
/cc rembuddy = remove from friends list

/ignore <name> = add to ignore list (shows up under the friends list, a bit buggy though)
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