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Default vid card

dunno for sure, but the vid card might be the bottleneck for your setup. i think i saw it requires a 512mb vidcard minimum but i dunno.

my plan for playing, is to keep to a semi schedule. with a growing boy (almost 2 now!) and work/family duties, it isnt going to be as much time to play. having a leveling buddy in my timezone does help, and a crazy west VA vampire (hehe! westie!) the general plan was upon regular release to set maybe 2 days during the week from 9pm -12pm HST to meet up. course the plan could change as more people sign up, but thats my usual window these days. weekends i have more flexibility but not a ton, but enough for overlap with EST during sane hours.

dark templar would have been high on my list as well after i looked over their abilities. sounded a little rough at lower levels but once all the spells and abilities get realized, a good player would make it shine
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