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Default Damn you all

All this talk of a new game and friends jumping in, arg!! I'm not going to be able to take much more of this, the world looks beautiful and the danger of pvp all the time is making my heart race just thinking of the excitement. I skipped the last round of worlds and I missed playing with you all....So... some questions.

How is this game going to run on my system?

I've upgraded slightly over my daoc system of old. Now I am running a pretty simple P4 2.0 ghz socket 478 with 1GB RAMBUS RAM(banks are full, (4-256MB chips), Nvidia 6200 with 512 VRAM, 130GB or so free space on the segate ide 7200rpm drive. Got another 200GB drive onboard but that's all my media. NO dual core or nothing, no funds either, heck I have to find where I can come up with the 60 bucks or so the game is going to cost so what I have is what I have to work with. Good little system, just been rebuilt a few months ago, XP pro sp2. Need some honest opinions on this.

Another question, I think I saw Nok say, is that we are looking at playing a few set times during the week as a group?

I play a good amount of UO and still fire up my c-128 and retrogame, and she's adjusting pretty good to knowing she is with a gamer (hahaha!) but she understands my need to game. Time is much more cramped these days but I think I could definately find a few evenings a week as my girl works at least a few nights in the eve (4-10pm cst). I'm sure I can sqeeze in a little time here and there or extend some times, but it's not going to happen like before so I hope the lvl treadmill has a good range for us. Otherwise I just know I will not be able to keep up, and frankly, I want to take as much time as I can taking the whole world in, exploring, surviving, learning. I love new worlds when they first start up, love being in the mystery, danger, and comraderie that forms.

Classes classes classes...my heart just screams "ranger!!!" my dark side, assassin.....*grins evily* but the classes just seem so cliche these days. I scanned over the classes last night and what caught my eye probably the most besides the obvious is a dark templar. It would be an incredible role playing experience but I am still in the dark with much of the game mechanics and "stuff". Seems you all need a tanky type and I had good experience with playing Isli and Lyliac the warden (which the templar reminds me of in some small sense).

I saw the server and that's fine, we can see how things go with the maturity and the wonton pkilling. In some sadistic way, I think I will enjoy it a bit, it will certainly add much to the danger and excitement!

So...whacha think?
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