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Originally Posted by Gesamyn View Post
Speaking of combat, I've always liked the actions possible in DAOC (at least for wardens) where you could do taunts, defensive strikes, and damaging strikes at the cost of endurance and defense. This is regarding monster fighting of course. There was excitement in being able to be more aggressive when the tide was with you but also turn turtle if you ended up with an unexpected extra monster or someone ran out of power... taunt things off of your group members. In WoW, it wasn't so - which is why I was a druid for most of the time.
Ooh, then you might like the combat system in AoC. In addition to the "movable anticipation shields" that I described, there is an active "defend" button that you can hold to pretty much parry or block most attacks, even better if you have a sheild, all at the cost of stamina while you are holding the button down so you can't do it indefinitely. Melee is definitely a lot more interesting so far. They seem to be coming out with more interesting stuff for casting too, like the ability to amplify your spells with concentration.
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