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Man, re-reading my WoW review makes me realize, I really do whine a lot, don't I ? Ok, all you smartarses can stop snickering now.

Well I'll just reiterate that as far as Age of Conan is concerned, those are just my initial impressions based on my 2 week beta test and what I could gather from forums and official sources. We'll see how it goes when we actually play it.

2) Undeveloped RvR: Why didn't we choose a roleplaying server? Well to be able to pick fights more easily with the enemy, a PvP server is necessary. However to the consternation of MANY players, Blizzard chose not to have a roleplaying server that is also PvP. We chose to play on a PvP server because we didn't think it would be fun to be on a PvE server once you reached 60 and had nothing to do. Unfortunately PvP server players tend to be jerks and immature.
Hehe ironically now the RP option is only on PvP servers and I'm having trepidations
I suppose the difference is the PvE servers on AoC is not like WoW, but more like DAoC (I think, I hope), so PvP is still available in the end game even if we choose PvE.

Yar, take a look at the classes in the link in my other post. I'll definitely try and give a better update of the game as we get more familiar with it. Would be great to journey with you and Geillis again!
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