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Hey Ed! Thanks for the in-depth review. Mighty kind of ye. I remember when you did the same thing for World of Warcraft.

I'm afraid I think the party is winding down in Wow... :-/ There's only a couple Dihn folks remaining, basically Raly, Caeleth, Noke and Me.

Here's the pros and cons:

1) Far far superior client interface: Much more responsive, infinitely more customizable, very user friendly with lots of tooltips and feedback.
2) Gorgeous and varied world: The Blizzard content team have outdone themselves. Most of the quests are informative about what needs to be done, and some are even quite clever. The cities are all huuge and breathtaking and completely different from each other. The zones are nicely varied, each has its own unique flavor. Lots of variety of flora and fauna everywhere, most things are not just a bigger version of the rat you were killing at level 1.
3) Combat system actually allows time for TICTACS! Unlike a certain game I wont mention *coughdaocough* pvp combat actually lasts a couple mins at least, giving you time to actually participate in the battle. You wont be 2-shot in less time than your network latency here. Class balance is pretty good, even though there are some inequalities, it's nowhere near to the extent of said unmentionable game.
4) Fluff: WoW can be very immersive and has lots of interesting "fluff" beyond the old equipment, stats, spells and levels. For instance you can get drunk by drinking any of the MANY varieties of alcohol... and you will start to slur, and hiccup and your vision will become swirly, multicolored and swaying... This is just one example of the depth of the fluff that makes the world much more interesting.

Unfortunately it's not perfect, and here are the cons:

1) Poor community: It's probably the unfortunate server that we chose, but the community is full of immature kids I hear it's better on the Roleplaying servers...
2) Undeveloped RvR: Why didn't we choose a roleplaying server? Well to be able to pick fights more easily with the enemy, a PvP server is necessary. However to the consternation of MANY players, Blizzard chose not to have a roleplaying server that is also PvP. We chose to play on a PvP server because we didn't think it would be fun to be on a PvE server once you reached 60 and had nothing to do. Unfortunately PvP server players tend to be jerks and immature.
3) Poor social design: I'm very disappointed in this aspect. As I mentioned, the world can be very immersive, but the design decisions for social play are sorely lacking. For instance, you are limited to only 5 people per group, and it's very difficult, sometimes impossible, to complete quests with multiple groups. And the quests themselves are very level centric, so once you are more than about 5 levels difference, there's pretty much a strong disincentive to group up.
4) PvP server can be frustrating: Since anyone can fight the opposite faction on a PvP server outside of the "home" zones, once you are above level 20, you will probably be ganked by enemies in mid battle with a monster. And these kids have no honor, and take delight in killing with superior numbers or levels, at the most inappropriate times (to demonstrate their cowardice and total lack of skills). It does make for a frustrating experience sometimes.
5) Server/network sucks: As good as Blizzard are on the client software, they suck at the server and network side. Servers still crash, memory leak and lag on a regular basis, downtimes are horrendously long and frequent, and networks seem to go down all the time.

Bottom line is, I wish I could wholeheartedly recommend WoW, but I'm afraid the community aspects of it really leave much to be desired. Quite a few people have quit or returned to DaoC. DaoC seems to have totally opposite attributes to WoW, in fact you could basically reverse the pro and con list. I wish I could find a game that combined the best of both games.

I really miss the Realm war effort and the great community and teamwork that RvR demands in DaoC. On the other hand, I REALLY loathe the combat system in daoc where the gulf between the haves and the have nots is like an abyss. I hate how you can die in less time than the game lag can clear. I'm utterly bored with the lifeless world and annoyed with its old-generation interface. And I'm totally frustrated at Mythic at their lack of commonsense in their class designs. (current major bonehead decision: making a new warlock class which does 2500 damage in 2 seconds, at range. In other words, they didnt learn from the bezerker fiasco, and chose to compound their errors) Not to mention their unscrupulous practice of requiring you to have a second account buffbot to have a chance of competing.

One thing that worries me is what you said about Instances. I like the World-Dungeon model enough, but I know I can't take the Everquest II style of zoning into various instances even while walking through a city. I'm going to avoid getting caught up too much in the excitement and stick with LOTRO. Think about joining in a month or two after it opens... we'll be on the slow road anyway, if it happens, given time constrains... Let all of you work out the PVP/RP question. I'm pretty sure Caeleth is in, however. I'll see what Mona is up to. As for classes, our favorite combo is ranger/magician, followed by hybrid/hybrid and tank/healer. From the brief look at the classes, seems to make for some interesting choices except for the given Guardian/Priest of Mitra option.

Speaking of combat, I've always liked the actions possible in DAOC (at least for wardens) where you could do taunts, defensive strikes, and damaging strikes at the cost of endurance and defense. This is regarding monster fighting of course. There was excitement in being able to be more aggressive when the tide was with you but also turn turtle if you ended up with an unexpected extra monster or someone ran out of power... taunt things off of your group members. In WoW, it wasn't so - which is why I was a druid for most of the time.

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