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Originally Posted by lilieana View Post
for me ive tried and checked a couple times, wont give me the preaccess at first said sold out then just said no upgrades available to my account. so, oh well at worst ill be 3 days behind
Well, the latest I saw from the forums is that someone CLAIMED to have received an official funcom reply that there was a bug in the system and some people could register, but that anyone registering after May 14 would not have gotten in the pre-access (even though the system says they have). However there is lots of misinformation and hearsay in the forums, and not a lot of official communication, so I wouldn't put a lot of weight on that.

The lack of communication is disappointing but I suppose they are stretched real thin just trying to get the game out the door. If WoW is any yardstick, the first servers will be full to capacity and inaccessible. Then on the launch date (20th), they will open new servers and who knows we may migrate to another server and start again.
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