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Default Magincia

Been having fun a bit at a time in the Magincia plot right now. Will the deamons decimate the city for it's pride? The town is in total chaos, with deamon and undead crushing the city. However, defenses are up and the center still holds at this time.
Been aquiring a nice collection of artifacts and replenishing my wartime gold stock nicely.

Anyone else still play UO from time to time? I play very sporatically in bursts some nights but I just rest near the action and it's always going on at this time. I see some highlighted friends and perhaps foes, but at this time there's a common goal.

If anyone has a bowcrafter that can enhance some bows, I got the wood and bows, perhaps about 25 total bows to try. Everything else I'm doing fine on.

The world is a bit dull being the lone ranger but the Magincia stuff is a nice distraction.
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