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Default nano :(

our most common raider is Triumvirate, who flies almost exclusive in nano-ships. if any of them go slower than 5km/s its a bad day. usually consists of 5 vagabonds making the rounds with the occasional ishtar sabre or claymore thrown in. missle ships cant touch them and turret ships cant track them. home fleets are mainly thrown together to try stop them, so things with webs, dampners or ecm are important to keep them from getting kills.

id say for fleet, use your races e-war cruiser. it is cheaper and more effective than an AF. save the BC for real fleet ops, which we are currently in fatwallet mode so no need other than defense or if you get bored gate camp the empire entry point.

if you fly minmatar, start working on the recon line when you can. the rapier/huggin is the biggest defense against the current raider trend.
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