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I'm looking to head your way, Noke. I've been talking to Kraal about joining y'all in Arrow/MM. He basically told me to just come out when I'm ready

Money is somewhat of a concern, but I think a couple weeks of running level 4's will solidify my nest egg. I've got a solid investment with a friend who's mostly just playing the market in Eve (started with 20 million isk investment, up to 250m last update), but I want to leave that alone if possible. I've got about half that much in cash at the moment.

I'm also going to make sure I can fit a cloak, for those times I go ratting and have to hide. Kraal is my role model. "No one here but us Guristas."

Noke, what ships would be useful to MM fleet ops? I could just fly inexpensive ships for a while until I get my feet under me. Are frigate tacklers used in fleet ops/gate camps? Or is that all done with assault frigs in 0.0? I can fly assault frigs too. Tech 1 Cruisers aren't too expensive, I could probably stand losing a couple of them a week, assuming I get a little time in to rat and make isk back.

I have pretty good skills for bc's and decent bs skills (insert joke here), but that's probably more isk than I'm willing to risk.
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