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the biggest thing about 0.0 life is what color you appear on the overview to everyone else. if you are joining a space holding alliance, be sure to check that they arent involved with any major wars, nothing will kill your wallet faster than regular fleet ops, especially if you are on the losing end. Make sure the space you are moving into isnt in danger of being lost any time soon, else your possessions be trapped in a hostile station.

if you have a BS, ratting is fast money, just find a good system, make 3-4 safe spots all around, probly equip a cloak, and chain the belts. anytime local moves with a neutral or hostile, safespot and cloak till safe. i prefer dead end systems.

find out the local intel channels, and join them. watch them a lot to get an idea of where all the activity is. avoid or flock to that area depending on your mood. if you are deep in 0.0, say branch, learn multiple paths to your desitnation. make several tactical BMs in the empire entry 0.0 system to stay ahead of gate campers.
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