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More info from the same guy:

Another repost from Senteck off the trade boards.....I know what Im doing first day of patch. Lol

It cost somewhere around 2 plat to get to LGM status in Siegecrafting. So it's fairly cheep and rather easy to do. For the most part, you're just jumping between 2 merchants the whole time, it's not a lot of work.

The new Siege Towers seem to also really change the dynamic of the game. Perhaps it won't be as bad as it seems but at the moment, Siege Towers might make Outer doors obsolete. It appears each Keep has 4 Tower locations. Towers pop-up in about two minutes time and they don't need anyone to even be remotely close to the keep for it to come up. It's hard to see the fact that tower is going up and once it does, it appears to completely destroy the wall section and allow people to run up the ramps and attack the keep. Note, You do NOT /stick to someone going up the rams. They are narrow and for people with laggy machines or in big raids, expect to fall off... a LOT.

Now, that being said, I assume the way to get rid of the Siege Tower is the repair the wall. So if your defending, Bring LOTS of wood. Because if your trying to repair a level 10 Keep Wall, expect to see your wood resources to get sucked dry fast.

Also, I can finally build the last 2 remaining Ammo shots and they did work on Keep walls. I'll have to test that out more later. For now, It's an interesting result. As long as someone's hitting the wall too, that prevents repairs, but remember,w ith this patch, someone with 1000 Woodworking is no doubt going to have 5 second repairs on walls. Still, a level 10 wall isn't cheep to repair.

Over all, the Siege Towers are a big change. I'm not sure what I think about them. It does mean Tanks can scale the walls and finally do something but they are almost TOO good.

Their's been no change about the number of siege weapons that can be introduced against a given object. So One Ram per door, period. What I was talking about, as mentioned above, is that if you get a Fortified Ram going, with 8 people on it going full speed with them all properly assisting. Even a level 10 Door isn't going to last long, period. But, now we have Siege Towers. So you bypass the outer door, jump RIGHT for the inner door and get 8 people on it fast. The enemy players won't know what just took down their relic keep, it'll happen all so fast.
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