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Default Siege changes

I am glad I only play bard and caster these days, so many changes its discouraging for a guy that plays as little as I do.

Repost from another forum:

Topic: Siegecraft Info...
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Date Posted: 7:16am Subject: Siegecraft Info...
Well I messed around some with Siegecrafting on Pendragon lately. I made LGM status in it back in Saturday, and since then I've poked and toyed with it some every now and then, testing the system out, trying to get a feel for how the system works. Part of it is very conventional in terms of Tradeskills. Parts of it are very unconventional. Sorting between the two will take the average user some time. What I intend to do is Break it down some myself and give some of you a tiny glimps into this new Tradeskill. Anyone else with discoverys they wish to add are welcomed. What I might do is compile this data later for a full blown out Guide to Siegecrafting. For now though, here's some details.

Some Assumptions -
1) Standard Siege in new Siegecraft is just as good as old Siege we have live today.
2) Keeps and Towers take the same amount of effort to bust down in the new system as they do live. Level considerations included.

That being said, here's what I've found.

Siegecrafting is broken up into the following parts

- Deployment
- Infernal Creations
- Ammunition
- Siege Tent Kit
- Apparatus
- Components

-- Deployment
It should be fairly obvious what this section is for. You have a Ram in your pack, your in front of a door, you want the ram out so you can begin sieging. Deployment. Simple as that. One important note though. __YOU CAN NOT COMBINE DEPLOYED RAMS ANYMORE__ Let me make this perfectly clear. Once any kind of ram is Deployed, That's it! You use it or lose it. Their's no more combining anything anymore. This is a good and bad thing. Good because it means one person deploys one time and the Ram is in use. Bad because people are so used to multiple deploys, it's going to be weeks before they realize they can't combine anymore. Let me say, this will be the BIGGEST point of frustration the community will face, ever. If your reading this, please tell everyone you know about this just before or after this goes live and before you go sieging. Else, a LOT of rams are going to be wasted.

-- Infernal Creations
This is just a tiny one off section. In here are 5 unique little creations that will amuse more then provide much functional benefit, as far as I can tell. (Some are bugged on pendragon ATM, so I don't know for sure). They start showing up at 700 Skill, and a new one shows up every 100 levels till finally at 1000, you get two recipes. The Require Broken Seals, which only show up on Agramon and are not likely something you'll accidentally come across. I found 3 while actively looking for them and they were all VERY out of the way places. So good luck.

-- Ammunition
This is your skill up line, you train 100% On Ammo, and you never have to leave a merchant to do it. You'll need 2 merchants total, one with basic Metal, Wood, Cloth, Thread and Leather. As well as the SC/Alchemy merchant. It doesn't appear you skill up in any secondary while working on Ammunition. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not. You can get 3 diffrent types of Ammunition for everything that fires something. Catapult, Trebs, Ballista's and Palintones. Yes, Portable Palintones and BOY are they big. Not Treb Big but you know what I mean. All the Ammunition seems to be intended against Players or other Siege equipment. I'm not sure any is intended to help take down doors or walls faster. As the Tier of the Siege equipment itself using the Default shot seems to determine that. At this time, Ammo is light, 1lbs per stack of 20. So carry as much as you want. Do note though, that once it's on the Treb/Pal/Ballista, it's gone. You can't get it out. So consider putting in sub-stacks if your worried about losing it all. Currently their's all sorts of Treb Ammo, An AoE Disease Treb Shot, an Energy based Palintone shot. Lots of stuff to pick out from.

-- Siege Tent Kit
Siege Tent's are necessary to help build anything above Standard (Teir 4) Siege. You can build within 5800 Units of a Siege Tent, just so you know. But to deploy one, you must look for a Siege Tent Hook Point. Which basically looks like a small green orb stuck in the ground. Tent's are destroyable though by the enemy realms, and if it's destroyed, you need to clean up the site before you can build a new one. Tent's don't seem to have a timer or anything associated with them. They appear to last forever until someone destroys them. Around a typical Keep, you will find 2 outside and 1 Inside the keep. Anyone can deploy a tent because it's a simple /use object once it's built. Often the markers seem to be near the Inner Towers, although that is not a rule. Some do exist way outside from any structure.

-- Apparatus
Apparatus, or Apps as I like to call them, are the old Diminutive Siege we've all known to build and love. You build them using the Deployment skills but this is where you build them. But remember when I said you can't combined Rams anymore? Here's why. You can build a Pocket War Ram right from here. That's right, if you want to carry 4 War Rams on you, all for the weight of 1 ram, you can do it well ahead of time and just plop it down instantly and be off. As such, Their are 30 Ram App combinations total. Thus the Ram Apparatus list is a bit long, but neatly organized. As for what Tier of rams your going to use, I'll discuss that later. Note though, You can still build Standard Siege at the Portal Keep Merchants, as they still sell the standard components and Ironwood you need. So if you need to build siege now, it's not that bad. note though, they changed the amount of necessary Ironwood to build a Siege Ram. So check the recipes before blindly building anything.

-- Components
What used to be scattered across all the Tradeskills is now combined down to here. The only thing that doesn't exist anymore are the Alchemy and Spellcrafting components to make Dim items but they've basically been phased out of the equation. So no big deal. In general, it's all fairly straight forward. Get the right amount of wood, metal or other materials and build your components. For Standard Siege, you can just buy the stuff, it's not a big deal. But for Fortified (Teir 10) Siege, well, you're going to have to make it yourself (Or buy it from someone). But why should you? Well Let's go over that now.

--- Tier's of Siege... ---

Siege now comes in 10 levels, or Tier's as I call them. No, their is no level 51 Siege, Basically each crafting tier has one level of siege on it. Tier 1-3 are Sub-Standard Siege. Mainly intended for Battlegrounds where things play on a diffrent level. Tier 4 is Standard Siege. Tier 5-10 are perhaps best called Super Siege in a way. To be honest, I'm only interested in 3 Tiers at all. Tier 1, Tier 4 and Tier 10. Basically, Makeshift Siege, Standard Siege, and Fortified Siege. The thing is, to make Super Siege, you need a Siege Tent. This means that you can only make this stuff around Keeps, and if your going to bother making any of it at all, You damn well might as well make Fortified Siege! Why bother with anything less unless your in a battleground. Any case, Makeshift Siege does Half the damage of Standard. Standard of course, is our Baseline. And from my observations, Fortified Siege is Two-Thirds stronger then Standard. So a Fortified War Ram will do two-thirds more damage then a Standard War Ram. Combine that with a full Ram and yah, you're talking about some sick damage here.

When it comes to Ammo though, I found this out, All Tier's of Siege use all Tier's of Ammunition and their's no difference in the damage. So if your firing a Palintone and want to use Player Crafted Ammo. Use the Tier 10 Ammo if you can. Their's no reason NOT to. This currently extends into the Battlegrounds too so.. get ready for some pain in there guys. I'm not sure if this is intentional as it might be a bug and I flagged it to Mythic.

Some other notes. Deploying Siege takes a lot LESS skill then Building it. By 126 Siegecrafting, you can basically deploy ANYTHING (With Fortified War Rams conning Red to you). But to make Standard Siege Apparatus's, you need 300 Skill, which takes about 2 hours and 300gp to reach. Obviously everyone is going to want to use Fortified Siege Equipment when possible. But prepare to spend 2plat and about 15 hours of hard grinding on Ammo to get there.

So this is the basics of Siegecrafting. Obvious their's a LOT of detail I have left out. That's for future posts. Please post your questions, concerns and complaints here now, and I'll gladly let you guys know what I know, as soon as possible. Enjoy people.
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