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Default A little update in response DABI!!!

Hey guys

I was away from DOAC for a while because I got my job back, I got enrolled into a course (accounting - no less :P evil accountants ), and we were travelling (now back).

Current situation:
Weekends are taken up by grocery shopping, studying, catching up with household chores etc.
Could spare 2 hours my night time to play - but the US folks won't make it!!
Could play weekend nights if there is no social engagements (most probably free on sunday night)

I have not log on during the weekends but Dihn camelot page tells me you guys probably haven't been playing much.

I barded for Angerthas' new guild for a while yesterday (Friday night). Caught Sashian and Finnsodil the other day (can't rem when) but I had lunch to eat. Haven't seen anyone else since.

Just to let you know what is going on on our end. Thom is just busy + not excited about playing daoc hahaha he's looking to drag me into other games (still in the process of brainstorming).

Let me know what's up with you folks!

p.s. and what's up with the pirate game! I got a new harddrive woot! i could possibly look into that
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