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I've gone from a couple million isk to just shy of 50 million isk since I started salvaging. The majority of that is from salvage and melting the pile of loot I had rotting in my locker. Switching to Spacelane Patrol has set me back a bit with missions, since I have to work my way up through level 2's again, but I should be Battlecruiser ready by the time I can run level 3's. Hopefully it'll be a nice steady income and get me ready for a trip to 0.0.

Hey Noke, know anything about this story on Eve-pirate? Kraal was telling me that MM and Razor dropped a mothership last night, and I saw Groove online.

Quej, get some rest and come back and chat with us again! It was good to see you in a game again. My corp has people who enjoy mining, so if you're looking for a home with people to mine with, Eve University is a good group to join.

I was telling Kraal that E-Uni had a "Fight Club" event in Korsiki yesterday. Everyone brings a frigate and blows the holy hell out of each other. I couldn't go because of work, but I definitely want to make one of these events. Seems like a great way to get some experience flying frigates in PvP.
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