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I had a run-in with fire ants on Saturday afternoon, resulting in 7 bites, 5 of which were on my little toe. This left me with my foot elevated all day Sat and Sun, and my foot is still swollen to almost twice its normal size (I'm at work with my leg propped up on my pc tower under my desk). So I didn't get a chance to pop on except for quick trips to the PC to change Jorn's skill.

I remember when I first went out to 0.0 Nok took me ratting a few times. I was pretty much worthless in my cruiser, other than frigate suppression, but the income really helped me to get a jump start - I'm happy to have you along (though I'm going to have to grind hard before the 13th to get all the ISK into investments that I can). Was my pleasure to have you along - it was so late that I wouldn't have been able to salvage/loot the wrecks anyhow, so you really didn't impact me that much.

Just sell salvage on market for now, you'll make a very tidy profit - which you need now, not later after figuring out recipes, training manufac skills, etc.
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