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Thanks for inviting me along, it was a fun night I got to see my future running bigger missions. The battleships are cool, lots of pretty strings of Christmas lights stretching from ship to ship when they're firing. Except Christmas lights don't explode

I profited a lot from the bounties alone. I haven't sold the salvage yet. Is it best to sell it on the market? I probably won't be manufacturing any time soon.

I don't think I've sold anything on the market besides minerals yet, actually. I usually keep named stuff and melt down generic mods.

I didn't mention this the other night, Jyrthan, because I didn't want you to throw money my way, but I didn't realize buying the +3 implants cost isk as well as LP Between that and fitting out a salvager (and donating money to the guys coming in from the Well), I was down to a couple million isk. After your mission, though, and a refining session, I replaced everything I spent plus a couple million more It was still charity, bringing me along, but I feel better working for it, hehe. Well, kinda working, it's not like I was shooting anything or getting shot at.

I'm hoping I have tomorrow evening free, not sure yet if RL will work out...if I'm free, I should have some good Eve stories on Monday. That's all I'm free to say atm
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