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Replying to yourself is a sign of craziness, right?

Jyrthan, thanks for the implant last night. I've avoided upgrading my +1 implants because I didn't have a jump clone yet, but figuring out that I could get 4 +3's with the one you gave me and three from LP inspired me to get my jump clone set. After my 24 hour time limit passes, I'll jump into my new set of +3's.

Thanks for the salvaging tip too. I'm going to train up Survey and then Salvaging and outfit my destroyer as a full salvager instead of just a faster-loot-grabber. I run a lot of missions, hopefully that will net me more cash.

Ya know, it's funny, one of my friends on The Well was saying he tried the 14 day free trial and didn't subscribe because Eve felt too much like work. I was contrasting that statement with what you and I were saying about Eve being grind-free. The wide range of perceptions about Eve is interesting. I feel there are more options in Eve, but all some people see is work.
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