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Default Eve Online

Figured I'd start a thread here instead of adding Eve-related stuff to other forums.

Goonswarm and Red Alliance took out a BoB Titan this weekend, eh? That's pretty huge news. First Titan lost in actual battle, the forum wags say.

I'd like to hear the full rundown from Molle, but he keeps getting moderated, and he just deleted the original text of his first "lost a Titan" announcement. Forum drama, yay.

Seems like someone got careless, didn't warp the Titan to a safe spot before cloaking, just sat 100k off a gate. I'm not sure how the Goons knew it was there (someone said it was parked with the sun behind it, I have no idea if this is true? Would a cloaked ship show up that way?). Anyway, the Goons found it, locked it down and called for support. Red Alliance showed up and game over. There's a fraps here.

I just cracked 4 million SP, yay for not-quite-as-nooby. I'm working on support skills. I could train up to a BC pretty quickly, but I'd like to have solid Nav, Gunnery, Electronics, Engineering and Drones too. Flying a BC would cross the "don't fly what you can't afford to lose" threshold right now, so I'm flying missions and saving isk.
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