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Default Ruden's Final

I, Ruden Solic, Elder Ranger of the Heart, Hand of the All Mother and Proprietor of Que's Tavern send this notice out to all who may have interest in what I am to announce. After my extraordinary long life in these lands, Felucca included, I feel the Mother calling her son home.

I leave with a heavy heart for there is much and many that I will miss. And the state of the world sits upon a razor's edge of whose out come I dare not guess. The renewed threat of the Guardian's minons, so many failed attempts to keep peace between rival groups, the mysterious powers that have destroyed Haven and the attacks on the very Principles that Britiannia was founded upon points to trying times ahead. However, I do not leave without hope.

I leave with a legacy. I leave the remaining duties of the Heart in Alyssia Kanath's very capable hands. The Heart holds no military might in it's final days, it still carries a voice of reason, wisdom and inspiring tales of our past deeds for those that would listen. And to Alyssia, you can not solve the problems of the world on your own, a gentle nudge is aid enough, for a determined fool will not stray from their path and will exhaust your further efforts. May this be known to all great leaders.

I leave the jewel of my life's work, Que's Tavern, to my son, Faris, daughter-in-law Belle and my grandchildren. I know in their care the hearth shall remained lit in the darkness of nights to come. Faris will always have a tale to move the hearts of her patrons and Belle a caring gesture to warm those hearts. I also leave the care of Maeglin in their hands whilst his stay in Sosaria. I regret not knowing more of you lad, but you have as much to learn under Faris and Alyssia as I.

I leave knowing there is a burning light left in Sosaria. And in my final years, I have come to recognise this light in every heart that is capable of burning with passion. In the blazing plated chest of a noble paladin to the small ember in the blackened husk of the kindred, I've seen it there. Belief in Love, Truth and Courage are the fuel and without them we shall be void. Balance between powers will topple, for they will no long matter, and the fae prophecy of the Winter shall come to pass. Like the Candle of Love or the balefires, may they never burn out, or we shall all truly have lost to the Guardian and his ilk.

Good Bye, friend and foe alike.
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