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Alyssia Kanath
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Default A Father's Advice

Her body slept.

It lie there still, chest rising and falling gently with each breath. This night she had told Katryn and Fiona not to disturb her rest, for the result could be dangerous. She was about to do something that the warrior had not attempted in a very long while. But she was desparate for counsel...and at the moment only the words of the one she most trusted would aid her in this dark time of uncertainty.

"Remember child...", the T'Skrang Nethermancer's soft hissing words reached the young Arbiter's ears as she lay perfectly motionless. "This is a gift open to all...but few truly understand it's meaning and purpose. Few have the patience...few the focus...few the courage. Use your training as a Blademaster to shut out all that surrounds you...free yourself of this mortal coil..."

Her leg itched, she pushed the thought from her mind. Shoulder ached, the warrior fought the urge to shift. Heaviness creeped into her body, beginning from her feet and moving slowly upwards. All was quiet...all was dark...only the sound of crickets chirping quietly in the near Spiritwood offered chorus to this act. The process was slow and difficult for her, mind usually racing and body unwilling to submit. The minutes ticked by slowly as she stared into the darkness that hovered before her closed eyelids.

The colors began...pulsing blues and greens...a myriad of violet washing through her vision...she tried desparately to follow the movements with her eyes.

Her body went numb...sense of taste gone....within moments she was no longer concious of her own breathing so focused was she upon the now swirling colors. And then the vibrations began...rippling upwards from her legs and bringing a sense of relaxation and pleasure to her. It almost startled her at first, the unique surge of energy. Sweeping up and down the length of her body now, she smiled to herself inwardly. Soon...

Alyssia Kanath had always been a bit afraid to dabble in areas that typically only the Nethermancer's of her world dwelled. But in order to speak him, she had only three options. Contact him via the glimmering crystal, which would alert more than one enemy who kept tabs upon her communications. Physically take a portal home, which was also not an option. Her people believed her dead and it was best that way...if she were seen it could cause disaster. Or, she could go to him in spirit...traveling the spirit realm in the blink of an eye and be back by morning.

This was not the dreaming. This was the land of souls... And the warrior was always fearfull of coming across some poor trapped soul stuck in the horrors of it's memories...and worse yet...terrified that those horrible memories of death and despair that so kept a soul chained was her fault...for so many lives had she taken...

There was typically only four types of souls that roamed this edge of the prime material. Those that did not realize they had died, Those too angry at their deaths to accept it, those too afraid to move on...and those who wandered in spirit for other reasons. These reasons could be to aid those trapped...to aid those living...to travel...or to terrorize.

Though the border between this land and the Dreaming was all too thin. Pushing down a shudder at revulsion and realizing that traveling like this to her home world was dangerous not because of other spirits...but because of the horrors who roamed between the spirit realm and the dreaming of her world. Horrors...demons that fed upon the despair and fear of name givers...the very things that caused all living things to hide themselves away below ground in caers for three centuries at one time.

The vibrations snapped her thoughts back to the moment as their power intensified, moving upwards to the top of her skull and back down over her body. And then...suddenly a dizzying drop, falling into darkness. Pushing aside her fear she gave in to the sensation, hurtling through a sea of blackness towards unknown ends. Then everything stopped...and she was free. The soul of Alyssia Kanath rose from her body and she glanced back at her own sleeping form. There was no darkness now...only light...and fuzzy at that. Silently willing herself to have more clarity, the edges sharpened and she saw everything...

She lay upon the bed sleeping quietly...unmoving other than a steady rhythym of breath. Knowing that her skill at this was not reliable, she nodded to herself and tried to hold her concentration. Knowing that all too easily her soul could return and conciousnes move quickly into the dreaming. If she was there, reality would be shattered for her and she would accomplish nothing more than a lucid dream. One that would probably only end in her agitation.

Steeling her resolve..she took one last glance about and then focused her conciousness upon finding her target...

The world moved away as a dizzying sensation hurtled her through time and space...a dropping sensation in the pit of her stomach so sudden that she almost lost conciousness all together. But suddenly the blackness was gone, a flash of color and then she stood upon a rocky precipice. It took a moment to get her bearings, so disoriented was she from the instantaneous travel. Emerald eyes flicked about inside the gigantic cavern in which she now stood. She could not guage it's size, she never had been able to. The main chamber was so large that at one time her Clan had built a small city within half of it. But the ruins of that city were lost to time and only spirits and memories walked those lonely halls...sealed off from the rest of Mt. Tempest. Subteranean lichen clung to the stone walls and cast a soft glow, illuminating this grand space. Though in this spirit form her vision was clearer and not only did they glow...they radiated...with life.

A rumbling snort nearly shook the mountain and she turned her attention to the right, eyes sweeping downward to the floor of the cavern. There he lay...in all his serpentine glory. One burning emerald eye the size of a carriage popped open and glanced around curiously. Another agitated snort before his huge head rose slowly, the light cascading over his scales. A myriad of blues adorned his body...from dark indigo over his back and wings...slowly changing in spectrum to a soft azure by the time they reached his belly. This was not any dragon...

This was one of the Great Dragons of Barsaive...one of the few ancients... And even so, he was the youngest of his brethren...a rash youth in their eyes. But he was a benevolent patron to those who he had created via his experiments...

Her people...

But the bond these two shared was greater than that...for Alyssia Kanath was the daughter of the Patron...The blood that flowed through her veins was all too similar to this creature's...

This was Stormwind...the one her people in the days of old had dubbed the Lord of Thunder...and it was this name he had regifted her people with.

Head rose as he became eye level with the Spirit of Alyssia Kanath. Shaking his massive head in order to wake himself from his sleep, his silver beard and mane shook with it...shimmering as the light danced over the strands. She could feel...despite being in spirit...his breath as nostrils flared.

Looking up with a smile, eyes of emerald met their twins...and she whispered huskily to the curious beast before her, "Hello, athair."

(to be continued)

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
"Thunderlord history is that mexican hot sauce with the chicken on the label that is writen in spanish but there is no definition in spanish for how spicy it actually is."~ Korthos Du'Vallon
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