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Originally Posted by Alyssia Kanath View Post
Yeah but dying anymore doesn't mean anything.

Because all the items you don't wanna lose you can insure. And then when you die, the items stay on your body. The PK's get the insurance money...which...you've already spent anyway. When you insure something the money is taken out of your bank then and there.

Though I remember those days too. *grins a bit* I remember getting so agitated because I always insisted on putting Aly in a black chain tunic. And at the time you could only get those from the armorsmiths in town. And ...every time...it got looted by a PK *snickers*

Though in a way I remember those days fondly.
Absolutely ... it's like life in some ways. I remember how proud I was when I was digging under couch cushions to find my next mortgage payment for my very first home. Now that it's a little easier, I take it for granted.

Sometimes challenge/pain helps you to realize what you have. Nothing is more rewarding that beating that quest you failed the first 3 times you tried to complete it, and nothing makes you appreciate your character's survival more than a true fear of said character's death

Perfect example, last night in LOTRO, a bunch of people took on the quest to kill the Goblin King (uber hard by the way, says it's a level 22 quest but we needed about 6 guys and a few level 25+ people and barely made it). We fought all the way through to the king, and killed him, but then we were trapped (due to amazingly high spawn rate). Instead of trying to figure a way out, everyone agreed to just kill ourselves which would allow us to spawn back at the Inn anyway. Kinda lame :P
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