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Originally Posted by Kryczech View Post
I meant to bring this up before since someone was talking about Vanguard. I've been looking into it, and one idea that's not in the game yet, but is still planned is a concept of fellowships. Fellowships in Vanguard will be a smallish group of players (I think I heard 6 or 8) that will split all experience between them, whether they're online or offline. The idea is to create exactly what you said ... a group of people that can always play together even though some may play lots more than others.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Sounds like a great start ... So does that mean I would go to bed at level 18, login two days later and be level 25? :P

and I wonder how it goes down if you happen to have 9 or 10?

If you had say 20 people, you could form two fellowships (which wouldn't be my ideal, but better than nothing), but it would be harsh if your active guild count was closer to say 12, and you could only slab 8 into the fellowship
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