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Originally Posted by Alyssia Kanath View Post
The split was the worst thing to happen to UO...ever.

I remember I refused to go to Tram for a few months after it first happened. *chuckles* Aly called Trammel "Happy fun bear land"

I miss the old days. *morosely* PK's were what made the game fun in a way. I remember us fighting off PK's in Kinship. And all around...we called 'em brigands... I miss the chase. And even in PVP...there was no whining. If ya lost...dude...ya lost. Didn't matter how.
I actually remember in UO beta, when you could kill people right outside of town, having my heart beat a little faster each time I tried to travel from Trinsic up to Yew. As semi-neophyte players ... it felt a lot like Zebras crossing Croc-infested waters. Throw on your helmet and your halberd and try not to look sickly or weak. Try to find a batch of people making the jump out of town and stick yourself in the middle :P

I remember a guy named Aquaman, in beta, who must have killed thousands of people north of Trinsic. He ran around in a t-shirt and sniped you with lag arrows. Such a silly name that struck fear in the hearts of men :P

I was OK with all of that ... although looting was a bit tough to swallow, watching some PK go through all of your stuff (and back then) having no way to retain anything. You had to start over again, in a pair of pants and with a knife.

I do remember having trouble with abusers. I remember traveling with a pack of hearty and grizzled rangers once ... people who had been to Hythloth and back and fought demons in the depths ... and we all had outfitted ourselves pretty well. We came across some guy sitting on a horse ... and suddenly BLAM, One of us drops dead. But what killed him? No one knew. BLAM! another drops dead. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! people around me are dropping like flies. Some start to run but are dead in moments. Others (like Slayne) make a desperation dash at the horseman, only to be dropped dead in an instant, and then BLAM! I am dead.

We then watch as a PK, alone, using nothing more than some far too powerful (bugged) wand knifed down a party of 8 or so very tough adventurers without a real punch ever being thrown. He began looting everything ... and as some of us rushed back to our bodies (still confused), he killed us instantly again with the wand of death ...

That evening reaaallllly got under my skin :P
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