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I don't mind leveling either, just hate it when my friends and I don't level at the same rate, makes things messy

Never had any problems with levels before online games, added to the enjoyment. Just last night I was playing LOTRO and was having a good time questing solo and leveling ... but as I said, it gets sticky when given that we all have different lives, we play different amounts.

Originally Posted by Slayne View Post
It would be fun if there was a game with no leveling, not much in the way of special gear. Not Counterstrike but an mmorpg, fantasy/medieval, everyone is the same level and the pvp/rvr success is based on teamwork and strategy and individual skill only, not on who has the best gear. You didn't have to log in to "level up", you just logged in when you felt like a session of it with friends.
Well put.

To me ... there could be rewards, but rewards that don't make your player unable to play with others. Things like customization of the character, opening locks to new skillsets or traits (that have their tradeoff, so you can choose to become super stealthy at the expense of something else), or customized equipment or weapons (named sword, equipment that is more durable, stuff that is worth accumulating for the roleplayer, but not so much making you a demi-God).

One day
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