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It would be fun if there was a game with no leveling, not much in the way of special gear. Not Counterstrike but an mmorpg, fantasy/medieval, everyone is the same level and the pvp/rvr success is based on teamwork and strategy and individual skill only, not on who has the best gear. You didn't have to log in to "level up", you just logged in when you felt like a session of it with friends.

DAOC and WoW both have some good things in them. The lack of looting and trash talk. I like the DAOC rvr concept overall because it builds a community. And there's nothing like the rush you get with 8 of you taking a bridge or tower and holding it for 2 hours and killing 250 enemy Watching a few more realmmates drift in and the battle getting bigger and bigger. You have to level up but hehe, we all know you only have to have certain basic equipment to excel. Might want more but you *cough* obviously don't have to have it.

And I like the options in WoW like 2v2 3v3 5/v5, 10 player capture the flag, 15 player control the 5 resource nodes and 40 player capture the battlefield. Lotta fun stuff in it! I don't like the equipment dependence too much. Seems to make a lot more difference. I like the complexity of all the interesting equipment, I just kinda think it would be fun if when you entered a BG, everyone was stripped naked or to some basic level of equipment. Oh, and the scenery, what fun places to fight.

But both of them involve leveling because leveling is part of the business model for the game. It pulls in game buyers that like the process of "building", not just the ones that like the end game regardless of whether that's rp or pvp. Leveling takes time, time spent playing the game = revenue for the mmorpg maker. More class options means more classes to try out which means more leveling which means more... catch my drift? Never happen until someone makes a bold experiment (that doesn't suck)

'merts (Cesied), wish there was a game I could go rvr/pvp in that I didn't have to level for.

Kyr, wish there was a game I could go rp in and participate in that I didn't have to level for.

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