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Default A Perfect Strike, Aftermath

Reposted with Permission: Portia Drakrul

It was the perfect plan. The forces of Connemara had been a complete pain in the ass.

'Don't they know when they are outclassed' she thought.

It had been an interesting evening; Aedon thought that a single attack upon our lands would give him any right to it. Certainly when you surmount more forces than you can control, chaos will ensue. The plan was... perfect. Only a fool could ruin it, and she'd had faith in the men and women of the alliance.

Connemara had a bug up their ass about Skara, the fact that the town had been safe for years before they'd taken notice apparently never crossed their minds. We'd protected the city, and here they were, according to our scouts, planning on storming the town by force putting all of the inhabitants at risk. A terrible shame for one who claims to be on the side of good.

It was a simple idea, but perfect in it's simplicity. Our scouts would inform us when the Connemarans had left to take their toll on the town, and we would come to Aegis, laying waste to any and all who remained. Teach them a lesson we would, do not leave your home unprotected, and don't stick your nose in affairs that don't concern you.

We'd met at the Feather, at my request. Kenyon had shown up as well, but my mother was absent. I gave him a nod of acknowledgement, although I had no taste in listening to food, mother respected him, and in her way she loved him. I may not like it, but I respect it, as such I looked to him to take control of the situation, as mother would have wanted. He didn't accept it, instead he simply stood around like the rest awaiting directions, and so I gave them.

We waited, patiently as our scouts reported the comings and going of the village of Aegis, waiting for the proper time. As we waited I made certain everyone was clear on the goals. We were to slip in, destroy any and all who remained, and leave as quickly as we came. Everyone was on board, I gave the order that if, at any time, either Kenyon or myself said to leave, that we all leave, no questions asked. I knew that things could get deep, quick, with a return home being but a moongate away the Connemara forces could return at any moment, and we didn't want an all out confrontation.

Moments before we were to leave, mother showed up. She did as any good warrior would do, not knowing the situation, with as brief an explanation as I could, she was to be used to rile Connemara in Skara, and lure them there so that we could strike. The ruse worked well and the Connemara forces left their home. It was at this point, we went in.


The gate opened and we stepped forth, a lone soldier of Aegis was there. A craft one at that, I swear he ran like a little girl after every pass for fear of being able to hold his own against us. A few more of Aegis trickled in; they were dispatched quickly and efficiently, yet this little girl kept running away, refusing to engage us.

Tactics were called for, we had the tavern, it was ours to use as we pleased, so I called for everyone inside. If we couldn't prevent the little girl from running, we'd give her no place to run. If she wanted to pester us further, we'll do it on our terms, we simply won't give him anywhere to run. Slowly, more and more the Knights of Connemara trickled in, time was running short.

I called a rally for everyone to get inside; the majority had listened yet one of our kin and a number of the Rose had decided to make their own stupid decisions and remained outside. Once I yelled to all in battle "Inside!"... twice I exclaimed "Inside, Now!"... Thrice I exclaimed "Inside now, or we will be leaving this skirmish!

With the forces divided, and those who decided to remain outside keeping the forces from heading where we needed them, I called the situation a wash. We had come, we had killed a number of who we were after, and the rest were sadly being kept wild by our own men.

After exclaiming three times the orders, three warnings that they heard perfectly clear, I counted down letting everyone in our group the exact point in time in which we would abandon this skirmish. Remove ourselves first; I'll scold the idiots later for their incompetence.

The end of the count came, and we left. I would not put everyone in danger because of a stupid few; the fact that the two leaders of the Rose were amongst them was of no concern to me. We left, and they fell. They deserved what they got, perhaps it would serve as a lesson, they were supposed to be a military group, supposed to be used to following orders. I took control because I had to, and it was my idea, they had followed because they wanted to, not one of them offered even the slightest intention to assist in leadership.


I had no idea the ramifications of doing the right thing, it's a shame my mother lost her pet in the process, but it's better to have come now than later. The Rose had issued an order not to aid us; they would let us fall in surprise as they stood idly by. How petty these mortals can be, how utterly stupid for attempting to lay blame for their own idiocy. At least it proved to mother the nature of her pet.

We met, in the Tower of the Roses, it was amusing. I noticed as mother and her old pet had discussions that he held no emotion for her, he held no remorse, and there was something wrong. My attention leaned more towards the Roses who attempted to hide armed in the shadows of the room, pulling my sword from my sheath I smirked, just in case, I'd not go unarmed.

Disappointed as I was there had been no conflict with the Rose, only Kenyon in tears pining after my mother as we left, exclaiming how she must have never loved him. Indeed, he is truly foolish, he had everything any man could possibly want, and threw it away for... nothing.

I heard rumors that he had, even so soon as later that evening, hooked up with an old flame of his. It was not his ex-wife, the one he'd left mother for. In fact, to the best of my knowledge I have no idea what Kenyon had done with her body when he'd started courting after my mother. Now he scrambles to grovel at the feet of anyone who will listen, the lies he tells are amusing, but simply furthers to reaffirm my thoughts on food.


So all things considered, the plan was perfect, but it shows that even the most perfect plan can be ruined when even a small portion of your force is comprised of incompetence. Next time, I won't make the same mistake.

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