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Default A new day

I open my eyes and stretch, eagerly getting out of bed to live another day. I quickly move to in front of my wash basin, gazing into the mirror hanging on the wall and thinking about the previous day...

It was another dreary day for me until I wandered to the grove and found Ruden waiting for me there. We discussed the state of the world and I was invited to rejoin the "living". I was of course difficult, though he found a way to make me think.

I blink my eyes as I continue to look into the mirror, my thoughts drifting to all the people and things I have cared about. I no longer recognize the man in this mirror. Picking up the razor sitting by the basin I bring it to my neck under my chin, and like every day I just think "cut" and I finally do....

After putting on my old gear I step outside and take a deep breath, rubbing at my now smooth skin. My future is open.
Time to begin another day...

I am Hawkeye, the ranger, and I am coming home.
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