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Alyssia Kanath
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Default The Coming Tide

The moon hang high in the night's embrace by the time Alyssia Kanath's boots made contact with the dark stone steps that graced the front porch of her small cottage. No sound was heard as she crossed the threshold and swung open the steel bound doors, their hinges making nary a squeak as the portal opened to welcome the mistress of the house home. Closing them behind her, brightly glittering emerald eyes scanned the common room slowly...ensuring that no one who did not belong sit lurking. The fire in the hearth had burned low...the last embers setting off a faint glow as they lay dying. A chill had begun to set in downstairs, causing her to shiver slightly. Shrugging off her cloak she hung it on a peg, and then her cap was put up beside it.

Sighing quietly to herself, the elder Thunderlord rubbed her face in an all too common weary gesture and shook her auburn head tiredly.

Up the stairs she softly stepped until reaching the portal to her bedroom. Briefly she listened, her sensitive ear cocked to the side curiously as she wondered if Katryn had waited up for her...but all was quiet. But Alyssia knew that if she was not awake now, the moment the warrior walked in she would be....

Chuckling softly to herself she opened the door and stepped in, hands raising to begin removing her armor as she moved. The fire in this room was freshly stoked and crackling warmly within it's hearth. Candles cast a golden glow, giving the room an aura of life and warmth. Katryn lay upon the bed, a book splayed open upon her chest as if she had fallen asleep while reading. When Alyssia walked in, the beautiful young woman opened her dark eyes and sleepily glanced over to a gently smiling Alyssia. "Ye're home late m'love..."

"Aye...I's sorry a'chuisle..." Alyssia groaned softly and sat heavily upon the bed after shrugging off her overcoat and laying her chain tunic upon a nearby chair. Placing her elbows upon her knees she hunched forward, hanging her head to stretch her stiff neck. "It was a long night, I would 'ave been 'ome sooner....there was jus' some trouble..." she murmured.

Katryn sat up slowly and slid in behind Alyssia, warm and gentle hands moving to take their place upon the Thunderlord's shoulders and kneading out the tension. This elicited another louder groan from the older woman who sat almost submissively, happily enduring the treatment. It was not long before Katryn noticed the edge of a large bruise that had begun to form along her neck.

With a frown she pulled aside Alyssia's shirt and glanced over her shoulder, suddenly realizing the bruise took up most of the warrior's shoulder. "Ye were in a fight...are you alrigh'?" A sudden deep concern tinged the young woman's words.

Laughing softly Alyssia reached up to pat her hand, "I am fine...as I said...there was some trouble. A couple o' those new undead showed up at the tavern lookin' fer a brawl..." The warrior grinned tiredly to herself, "Well they found one..."

"Hmph...." She sighed, pinching the area of the bruise roughly for a moment as punishment and causing the Thunderlord to yelp.

"ey' now! Careful!" Aly laughed again, wincing in pain. She then kicked off her boots and smiled back to Katryn gently. "I'll be fine...I's jus' nae as young as I used ta' be yanno." Offering a roguish grin she kissed Katryn upon the nose before reaching into her sidetable drawer and pulling out a small glass water pipe along with a silver tin.

Katryn frowned gently, "Are you nae comin' to bed?"

"I will soon, I need ta' think some. There's been a few developments an' I's gotta start workin' a few things out."

"Wha' developments?"

As the warrior opened the tin and transfered some of it's dark contents into the bowl of her pipe she explained to Katryn the events of the night. Information on the breakup of Alira's alliance with Kenyon and his men. Aedon's words regarding Kenyon's sudden scramble for allies and the good news that Ismene was alive and well along with surprisingly Filbert as well! And then about the events later with the dark ones who had come in with their weapons drawn, how she and Aedon had defeated them. Though Alyssia foresaw that in the future, such an endevor may not be so easy... The Thunderlord worried about the sudden rise of these new undead...and what it may mean for the free people of Sosaria.

By the time Alyssia's tale of the night was done, the fire in the bedroom had itself burned low. Alyssia's water pipe was empty and it's contents had helped ease the stiffness and pain in her muscles. She sit back against the headboard, one arm resting upon an upbent knee as the pipe dangled losely from her grasp. Lids drooping low with a relaxed and somewhat inebriated smile upon her lips and Katryn's head resting comfortably against her chest. "Sounds like quite a night..." the young woman said softly as the Thunderlord's deft fingers slide through her dark chestnut hair soothingly.

Aly drawled out slowly, "Aye...there is much to think about...much to do..."

"Ye do no justice frettin' about it now, Alyssia Kanath...night has turned to mornin' an' you need sleep. Lay by me an' rest yer eyes? Besides yer stoned outta yer mind anyway...best to lay down before ya pass out..." She giggled softly and gently wrestled the pipe from Alyssia's grasp, setting it to the side.

The warrior chuckled long and low as she was pulled down under the sheets. Wrapping her strong arms around Katryn's small frame she murmured in a slurred tone, "Wha' would ...I do..hmm?" It did not make much sense but Katryn knew it's meaning.

She kissed her warrior softly before whispering, "Starve..." Her brown eyes dancing with mischief.

There was a slight pause as Alyssia blinked, pondering that for a moment. Then she laughed loudly and tickled Katryn playfully, "Aye! Starve I would...shrivel to a husk..." As Katryn giggled frantically.

The last words heard from Alyssia Kanath that night before she fell into a deep slumber was little more than a half coherant mumble, "Do we 'ave anymore o' those...cheese...rolls...by the way...?"

She slept hard...which was good. In the coming days, Alyssia Kanath would need all the rest she could get... Alliance and alegiance shifted like the wind, darkness loomed upon the horizon, preparation was the key and there were more sides forming than anyone could count. When this was all said and done...the Elder Thunderlord knew that nothing would be the same...and someone...would lose themselves in the tidal wave of shadows that raced towards them all.

Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light
Dreams of wrong and Dreams of right
Who shall wake, who shall not?
Within a cage of shadow wrought
Bars of silver, gates of gold
Trapped inside, a heart grown cold

Who shall be the one to fall?
Who shall hear the siren's call?
Gaping maw, teeth so sharp
Eyes ablaze, lips apart
Dripping blood upon the ground
Souls shall fall without a sound...

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
"Thunderlord history is that mexican hot sauce with the chicken on the label that is writen in spanish but there is no definition in spanish for how spicy it actually is."~ Korthos Du'Vallon
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