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Originally Posted by Alyssia Kanath View Post
I understand and agree with your issues in regards to Halitol.

The only way I can see it ever becoming a problem is during tournaments.

What would you suggest for this? Because Faris and I do tend to fight in Aedon's tourneys at times. Perhaps temporary highlighting if it is requried then we'll drop it asap after the tourney? What do you think?

Also remember to all the RoH this is an OOC Alliance, not IC. So...it's just so Rai has an easier time book-keeping the two stones.
Yes, temporary Highlight or simply don't dual them at all. Onyx granted them Highlighting JUST for the last tourney, yet when things turned south they jumped in on the attack. Failing that when the highlight was dropped because they were using it for other than the Tourney, the all logged off and their KoI Characters showed up.

Beyond that, asked point blank if Gideon was in the guild, we were told 'No', we found out otherwise.

They are dishonest IC and Out, and I personally don't have any desire to highlight with them for any reason. The symantics about it in game can easily be dealt with and worked around.

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