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Default So what do you think......

about TBC?

I have not PvPed much the past two weeks, but the pve is crazy fun. 5 man raids and gear that is up to par with Tier 2 or better is great.

For my guild most 5 man runs take 45 mins. I guess that is good /shrug

Our next goal is to 15 man AQ40 and MC. (just to see if we can do it)

BTW fixing to ding 70 and get my flying mount!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much (new) content that I can't post it all here.

My vote as the best game played hands down. And that is comeing from a DAoC nutt.

So any WoW players out there post what you think about TBC

BTW all you Ally.
Pallys are OP *grins*
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