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Alyssia Kanath
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Default Tomorrow Is Another Day

Alyssia stood beside the window overlooking the front of her small cottage. Emerald eyes glittered in a gentle sense of contentment as she gazed outward, watching Katryn and Fiona play in the snow that had accumulated near her porch. Chuckling softly as her daughter caught Katryn off guard with a snowball of particular size, she shook her auburn head in amusement at the two. Love radiated outward from her being as the girls chased eachother with ice and snow, their laughter reaching up and filtering through the window.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes.

I've seen you hanging round
This darkness where I'm bound
And this black hole I've dug for me
And silently within
With hands touching skin
The shock breaks my disease
And I can breathe

The world had been taken by madness, this was Alyssia's theory. Alliances had formed, and broken over the months. These events, along with a constant string of hostility upon any and all sides on the multitudes of conflicts had caused the elder warrior to retreat to the peace and quiet of her own home. Since she had recovered from her sudden illness, Alyssia had not gone out much. Leave the fools to their reckless posturing and continual arguments over who was right or wrong... Here, in her home...she was surrounded by a stark contrast to all the hate and arrogence. Here, there was nothing but love and companionship...nestled warmly before her fire.

A squeal of laughter was heard as Fiona tackled Katryn into a rather large snow-drift. The warrior's eyes opened slowly and a gentle smile came to her lips.

And all of your weight
All you dream
Falls on me it falls on me
And your beautiful sky
The light you bring
Falls on me it falls on me

But she could not hide forever, and the looming threat of her having to choose sides harrowed her. Always having been one to become involved, often due to being asked and not always because she just wanted to meddle, she now felt as if it would change nothing...

No, her involvement would change nothing...or would it? What of the future? She only cared about her family and friends really, those she loved being most important to her. Would there be some great conflict? What would their roles be? Would they survive? She could not sit idly by while those she cared for suffered...

But Alyssia Kanath's problem, was not a matter of what was right and what was wrong. No, her dilmena was that she had family on all sides of this conflict. And if not family, then those she cared for very dearly. And the real problem was that...the side she was having trouble justifying most...was the side most of her family had taken! Alyssia sighed softly, shoulders slumping as she focused her gaze upon Katryn. Her love for this woman had grown greatly...and her constant upbeat and positive demeanor made it difficult for the Thunderlord to stay sullen.

Your faith like the pain
Draws me in again
She washes all my wounds for me
The darkness in my veins
I never could explain
And I wonder if you ever see
Will you still believe?

She could not think, anymore....about getting along without her family. They were her foundation, the very platform upon which she had built her life. Gaze drifted to her daughter, the girl's chestnut hair holding such a familiar color to her brother Jerec's. But then, as Alyssia watched...Fiona looked up towards her mother and beamed a smile...her emerald eyes twinkling mischeviously from under the hood of her cloak. The woman was suddenly awestruck at how much Fiona looked like her...and Alyssia could not help but smile and give a motherly half wave with one hand while the other arm wrapped around her own waist as a means of support. A tear trickled down from the corner of her eyes just then and suddenly letting the world collapse upon itself seemed not such a tragic thing. If doing so could mean their safety....but it could not. She was damned no matter which route she took.

And all of your weight
All you dream
Falls on me it falls on me
And your beautiful sky
The light you bring
Falls on me it falls on me

Suddenly shaking the thought off, Alyssia came out of her daze and glanced back down to the ground...realizing the girls had disapeared. She furrowed her brows, a tinge of worry creasing her forehead. Placing her hands upon the window, she tried to look down further, in case they had just sat upon the porch. But alas she saw no sign of them. Just as she turned to grab her cloak and go downstairs to look...she stopped short and blinked, suddenly being greeted with two mischeviously grinning girls. Each held something behind their backs.

"Uh....." Alyssia Kanath sensed she was about to be in trouble. However the "Uh" was about all she could get out before two giant snowballs collided with her, causing the warrior to stagger back. At the moment of impact, she made a very un-warrior like shriek.

The two girls collapsed against one another into a fit of giggles.

Let the world fight one another today...

She grinned wickedly and scooped up what was left of the snow piles in each hand, ice crusted eyebrow raising high upon her forehead, "You two better run..."

The girls looked at one another, eyes wide...then took off out of the bedroom amidst a flurry of squeaks and laughter. Then, she took off after them..the three now stampeding down the stairs.

Today all she cared about was right here with her.

Am I that strong
To carry on?
I might change your life
I might save my world
Could you save me?

OOC Note: Lyrics by Fuel, "Falls On Me"

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
"Thunderlord history is that mexican hot sauce with the chicken on the label that is writen in spanish but there is no definition in spanish for how spicy it actually is."~ Korthos Du'Vallon
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