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Katryn McDaniels
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Default Reflection of a good night

The young girl sat up, her hair all a mess and her clothing disheveled from her peaceful slumber. Fiona looked around her and noticed she must have fallen asleep on the sofa again. She smiled to herself as she pulled her journal out from under her pillow to reflect on what had happened the previous night.


She had been in very good spirits as she climbed the steps into the tavern where she was hoping to find her mother that night. Katryn had informed her when she returned home that Fiona had just missed crossing her mother's path and that she had left for Que's tavern.

Fiona heaved a sigh and hugged Katryn tightly before turning and heading out the door in search of her mother. Fiona knew the path to the tavern well, and hoped no harm would come to her on this night, it was growing dark and when travelling alone in the forest, it can turn dangerous for a young girl.

Fiona made her way from the house across the path and through the trees up to the water's edge, where she felt safe and knew the way up to the tavern quite easily. She made it there rather quickly riding on Jessah's back. Her horse was used to travelling this path with the girl, as this was usually where Fiona found her mother on a Wednesday evening.

She tied Jessah up in the stable under the tavern and made her way up the steps, humming a light melody to herself. She opened the door to the tavern and stepped inside, analyzing the room. Fiona found her mother at a table with two people unknown to her. Aly had spotted her at the door and had waved her over.

Fiona made her way over to the table and greeted her mother with a warm hug and kiss upon her cheek. She then pulled out her sketch pad and her colouring pencils and set to work. Fiona quickly finished her piece of work and showed it off to her mother.

"Who is tha'?" Aly had said
"It's you, ma" Fiona had replied, quite proud of herself and the drawing she had done of her mother, the swordswoman

Her mother had said she had talent, and this made Fiona beam a smile. Yhe girl folded the paper up and tucked it away. It was then she noticed the two people sitting across from her. One was a man, the other a radiant woman. The man, she had recognized vaguely, thought she could not remember his name. Luckily her mother, took the opportunity to introduce them both to her. The man was Lord Kenyon, and the woman was known as Lady Alira Drakrul.

Fiona studied her book a minute or two, looking over her newest piece of work. It was always hard to find Raina in one spot, where she could see her. Now that Aunt Raina had a new boyfriend, she was hardly ever around. And yet, Fiona wanted to get to know her Aunt more. She hoped that Aunt Raina would be impressed with her drawing skills. Fiona had spent many days in the art portion of her years in boarding school, trying to work her skills to impress those she wanted to create portraits of.

Fiona finished off her drawing and smiled to herself. Fiona was quite impressed with her portrait of her Aunt. She hoped Raina would be happy with it, and maybe, just maybe it would end up in a spot on her wall in her house. She called her Aunt over and proudly handed her the drawing. Raina had smiled brightly and thanked her for the drawing and had put it in a safe place until she could hang it on the wall in her house.

At those words, Fiona sighed happily. Her drawing would hold a spot on a wall. It was nae much, but would suffice for the time being. Fiona grinned to herself and put her drawing aside, just in time to be offered a drink and bite to eat from her ma.

Fiona quickly ate the cookie and drank some milk, when another man entered the tavern. From what she had heard from her ma and Katryn talking about him late at night sometimes, she assumed the man in the dark clothes was Sam, her Aunt's new boyfriend. Fiona thought the man would be perfect for her third attempt at a portrait. And with luck, it would end up on a wall as well.

Halfway through her attempt at Sam's portrait though, her pencil broke. And when one is in a tavern, surrounded by adults creating chaos around you, good luck in getting anyone's attention unless ye speak quite loudly. So, Fiona looked over to her mother, who had moved to a barstool and asked quite directly if she had a dagger available.

"Yes," Aly had replied hesitantly "why do ye ask?"
Fiona pulled out her black pencil and showed her mother. Aly had grinned and taken the pencil from her daughter's fingers and sat down in her stool and began to carve the tip of the pencil with her hunting knife. When she had finished, she handed the pencil back to Fiona.

Fiona put down her pencil as she heard a conversation that piqued her interest. It was between several of those in the bar already. Fiona had giggled to herself and was unsure of what the conversation really was about, but decided to put her two cents in anyways and announce her mother required a new pet.

Someone with short red hair had then asked if Aly had lost the cat she was given the last time those two had been at the tavern. Fiona had said yes. Then she also said her ma needed a llama, or any new pet. Her mother had made some remark about letting the llama thing drop and a few comments followed that. Then the woman with red hair had disappeared.

Several minutes later, the red haired woman had re-appeared and presented Aly with a new cat. This did nae last long before Aly had handed the cat to Fiona. The girl had smiled and pet the cat for a while before setting it gently on the floor so she could finish her drawing.

Fiona grinned as she picked up her pencil and continued her sketch. Several minutes later, she felt it was done. She hopped off the chair and into her Aunt Raina's lap to show off her work. Fiona received praise from her Aunt again and then Raina asked if she had shown Sam yet. Fiona shook her head and admitted that she was nae sure if he would like it. Raina had smiled and had just said she should just show him anyways. Fiona tapped her Uncle Sam on the shoulder and told him she had made something for him. When Fiona showed him, he was quite happy and Raina said they should hang it up at their house alongside hers.

Fiona did nae notice how tired she was before then. She had had quite a long day and felt she should be headed home before she was too weary to remember the way to get there. She made her way over to her mother's side and sat for a bit, leaning on her ma's shoulder. Fiona did nae notice the man sitting next to her mother until then. Fiona looked over and studied the man briefly before her ma noticed her analyzing the man next to her. Finally, Alyssia introduced him as Darwood. The man had grinned and said his name was Darwoos. Fiona had giggled and assumed the man may have had a lil too much ta drink that evenin and assumed her mother was correct in calling him Darwood.

Fiona had had quite the evening. She had stretched and said she was goin ta go home and relax for the rest of the night. Aly pulled Fiona into her lap and cuddled and nuzzled her playfully before lettin her go and remindin her to be careful. Fiona went and hugged her Aunt before she left and then left the tavern, fetched her horse and made her way home, all the while, a smile on her face.

It was nae until she got home, that she realized the cat that had been following her when she started home, was no longer behind her. She sighed and hopped up the stairs to the house, after ensuring her horse was put outside. Her ma did nae like horses inside. Katryn met her in the living room with some dinner and once Fiona was done, she fell asleep quite quickly.

Aly entered the house about an hour after Fiona had gotten in the door. Katryn smiled and hugged her love as she pointed to Fiona, who was asleep on the sofa. Aly smiled gently and went and draped a blanket over her daughter, bent and kissed her forehead, and whispered that she loved her. Alyssia did nae want to disturd her daughter's rest, so she crept quietly to the stair and she and Katryn left Fiona to sleep peacefully by the fire.


Fiona smiled as she finished writing and then tucked her journal back under the pillow. She then sauntered to the kitchen to see what Katryn was making for breakfast.
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