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Default An Evenings Lamentation

~ Alicea Takissis Faye ~

She sat alone in her study, the last true Queen of the Fae. Taking a sip of her wine, she pondered the fate of those who wish to remain tangled, tied and misled into the darkness. She feared for her people, and this evening did her best to save them.

Whether or not they have already fallen, or if they simply blindly follow into darkness she had no idea. All she did know, is that the path they were on, could only lead them to despair.

They argued the claim of her information, she was baffled yet stuck to her claim that the trust should be placed upon her shoulders, and not those of any source. It was disheartening to say the least, especially since the letter she had received was one out of anger, from Lady Alira herself, and the accusations brought to Alicea's attention only exacerbated her concern that she had had no idea why it was received in the first place, or what was going on within her own court.

She had attempted to have the Regent, Elisandra, arrested for her crimes of treason. Irony of all things in that her accusations were not denied, and yet in fact only confirmed by Elisandra herself. Claims of her availability left spoken, yet ignored, she imagines each knew how to contact her should the need, or simply the desire occur, she had made quite certain of that fact. It seemed as though many were more concerned with friendships than they were with the words she had spoken. Vampires, she had reckoned, and not just vampires, the one vampire who took her mother way from her, swayed her into darkness, causing her to loose everything she holds dear. Azrael, she spit the word from her lips, he was the cause of fae's destruction, he and his puppet Ian. She had done her best with Ian, promising him no status, no position within the fae, he had admitted as much to being retained to a vampire. Whether that was Azrael, or one of his pets she did not care. The fact of the matter it, it was true.

Elisandra had gone behind her back, her petty squabbles with another Vampire, and her staunch requirement that they do her harm, seemed quite hypocritical considering she had meetings with Azrael himself, surely more banal than the rest. More than that, it saddened her that Eli would go behind her back. She had thought the Parliament they had arranged was a good thing, to help support each other and keep things from returning to a dark path Mutual respect, it seems, was out of the question from the start. She was mistaken, so sadly mistaken.

She had never seen one so power hungry as she had last night, it was, disturbing, and only lends to her fears that the fae left will only suffer until their end has been met.

She will save who she can she vowed to herself, the irony of the elder of the fae leaving with her not lost upon her. A return to old times, much simpler times. While the heart of the fae is now marred in darkness, it's true heart will continue beating, she will be certain of that.
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