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Default RPers R Us

I've found that the ratio of idiot players to decent players seems to be better with the Horde with more decent players you would encounter. It might just be the servers or might just be me, but Horde players seem to be more, I guess, mature.
I'd agree with that very much so! Allies seem to be full of ganking nob idiots. Although maybe I bring that on myself by always playing on PVP servers

I've levelled to 60 as both Horde and Alliance and would have to say I much prefer Horde. They have some of the more interesting quests, flight point distribution is more conducive to both levelling and getting about the place to some of the trickier areas in my opinion. I just enjoy the zones and cities more, not sure why, I just do!

That said I enjoy the 'tranquility' of some of the Ally areas. Westfall and Duskwood remain 2 of my favourite zones for both atmosphere and quest chains. Ironforge still sometimes makes me go, wow, even now.

I'd be keen too to start a new toon on a RP server if some folks from here took that up, could be a nice break from PVPing and always watching my back, only to be attacked from the front, or steamrolled by a raid heading off to an instance... splat!

Did someone else mention they had Ally alts on Twisting Nether? I'm on there for Ally and Jubei'Thos for Horde (Oceanic server that I play on with my Australian mates).

Name the RP and I'll make myself a character!

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