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Originally Posted by Dara View Post
At least Blizzard has finally given us the option to xfer chars from one server to another (with restrictions, o'course)...so that will certainly help some consolidation efforts to an extent...but e'en then, there are so many bonds that tie people to their servers that 'tis almost impossible to extricate them anyway. =/ Oy, what a pickle.
I'm actually thinking of rejoining WoW when the new expansion comes out. I've always liked the Shaman class, but I also like the bright cities of the Alliance. So I'm thinking a Draenei Shaman would be a nice reason to start anew on a new RPPvP server (since I don't even know if anyone plays Kul'Thuzad anymore). Then perhaps when the server hits 6 months old, I'll drop some money to transfer Doco over.

Of course, I will probably get side-tracked from now til then, and forget all about my plans
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