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Default Aye, there's the rub. =/

Originally Posted by Sybeus
Everyone I know seems to pick a different server when they start up. ...If only I could one day unite the clans.
I know EXACTLY how ye feel...right now I'm playing on three servers ("Normal" Alliance, "Normal" Horde, and "RP" Both )...NONE of which are any of the ones ye mentioned! >_< Had I the time (ie. so rich that I didnae need to work for food and rent ), I would have at least 1 char on e'ery server that me friends play on (last count was up to 9, including thine, Kvas', and Emerts' ) as well as make occasional appearances in UO and DAoC...but alas, what little time I do have is strained 'tween 3 WoW servers and 1 CoH/CoV server (and other offline activities, o'course...there must be balance ). Damn this cursed body's need for sleep!!

At least Blizzard has finally given us the option to xfer chars from one server to another (with restrictions, o'course)...so that will certainly help some consolidation efforts to an extent...but e'en then, there are so many bonds that tie people to their servers that 'tis almost impossible to extricate them anyway. =/ Oy, what a pickle.

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