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Kvasir Silverwyn
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Originally Posted by Sybeus View Post
Ah, that's right I forgot about Silver Hand. But, I didn't say you had to come over and play a PvP or RPPvP server. I would be just as happy if everyone picked a single RP server to play The point is that I don't think everyone I know will ever consolidate into a single server. Either the PvP issue comes up, or simply the choice of Horde vs Alliance.
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you were telling me to do something. I get pretty opinionated about PvP servers. Been in a few discussions about that on other boards, so the stuff is fresh in my mind. And, of course, I have had bad experiences with open PvP.

I would agree with your assessment of the probability of everyone getting together on one server. I think most of us already found a guild (myself and my GF fit that bill) already and happen to be well established somewhere else. But those that aren't really established, this would be a great opportunity to unite, once an agreement has been reached as to what server and what faction.

To that regard of the above paragraph, may I suggest Horde. I've found that the ratio of idiot players to decent players seems to be better with the Horde with more decent players you would encounter. It might just be the servers or might just be me, but Horde players seem to be more, I guess, mature. Though this may have more to do with population than anything else. Alliance always out-number the Horde. For example, when was the last time anyone has seen the Horde control all 4 tours in EPL for more than a day?

But, I digress. If any of you happen to work your way to the Horde side of Kirin Tor, let me know. If not, good luck!
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