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Default Servers, servers, and more servers

After seeing a few WoW posts on other boards, I got that old pull in the back of mind to start playing again. But then I realized I can't really play with everyone I want to if I did. Heck, I can't even play with half the people I'd want to. Does anyone else have the same problem I do?

Everyone I know seems to pick a different server when they start up. All the original spiritwood that joined had alliance characters on Kul'Thuzad (PvP) or Feathermoon (RP), depending on who didn't like PvP. Then came the horde characters on Kirin Tor (RP). Now looks like with the newer server rules, we've added Twisting Nether (RPPvP) to the bunch. I have an older brother that plays The Venture Co (RPPvP) with 20+ of his friends, a friend I've known since high school that plays Ner'Zhul (PvP) with dozen or so people he knows. And I found out recently that a guy from college switched over with his guild from an old pvp server to Emerald Dream (RPPvP). And this doesn't count the non-roleplaying but decent people that I know playing either.

So I figure that simply through people I know, I have ties with about 100+ WoW players that I could personal vouch for as good people who range from hard core roleplayers to casual gamers spread across nearly a dozen servers. But I can only play with on average a dozen given the server I pick.

If only I could one day unite the clans.
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